The Egyptian Society for Collective Rights and the Forum for the Right to Water in the Arab Region welcome the inclusion of the right to water in the Egyptian constitution

The Egyptian Constitution document issued by the 50th Committee, which will be held in early January, affirmed the right to water through article 79, which states: “Every citizen has the right to health and adequate food and clean water. Sustainable sovereignty of food and ensure the conservation of agricultural biological diversity and local plant varieties to preserve the rights of generations. “This text undoubtedly represents a significant leap forward with regard to the rights of Egyptians to food and water, which is truly an addition to the Egyptian constitution.

The Assembly and the Forum on the Right to Water call for the necessity of translating this right in the water contained in the draft constitution into legal legislation – in the event that the referendum is approved – includes the implementation of the principles and standards that this right entails, especially those relating to the fifteenth United Nations Includes a number of criteria, including: access to water, quality and quality assurance, and ensuring non-discrimination in access to water, whether in terms of equitable geographical distribution or gender equality, the right to water is also linked to the right to participation and access to information in relation to Management of this resource

The law should also include the absence of any form of privatization or monopolization of water resources, since water is a collective public domain.

The implementation of these standards is an affirmation of the right of people to access drinking water of adequate quantity and quality. Incorporating these standards into legal legislation on the right to water is an affirmation of the text contained in the Constitution of the 50th Committee. On the other hand, This constitutional right of content.

Released on 15/12/2013